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Coffi Crefftwyr Cymreig / Welsh Artisan Coffee

So the story

The mission was to find quality in a cup

The perfect delicious full bodied cup of arabica coffee

Returning to my roots in North Wales

Family life by the beach, living in Harlech, Snowdonia, life is good, but the coffee was NOT so good!

As a science teacher I had this need to read, explore and experiment, this mission was taken to the next step. The experiment in my kitchen began, beans were sourced from all over the tropics and cupping sessions became an obsession, results were amazing and so was the feedback.

Once you have tasted a cup of freshly roasted coffee there is no going back. There was a real lack of this taste in North Wales. Could I provide this delicious tasting coffee to our coffee loving locals? The dream was starting to look like it could become a reality.

My obsession continues with the need to educate others about speciality coffee.

Along with our eco ethos we care about ethical sourcing

We only buy our green beans from suppliers who are committed to ensuring that all workers in their global supply chains enjoy safe and fair treatment in their workplace who also comply with the modern slavery policy.

We hope you enjoy our delicious selection of single origin and coffee blends. Only the best coffee beans are roasted in our roastery. We don’t offer coffee subscriptions but you will be invited to be a Ffa Da Friend if you purchase frequent 1kg bags of coffee from us, and you will receive free postage on your 1kg bag purchases. We also offer eco packs where your 200g of coffee is posted and will fit through your letter box.

If you are looking at buying speciality coffee, buying smooth arabica coffee or buying artisan coffee you are in the right place. Get your orders in, become a good bean!

Enjoy Ffa Da x

Our Coffee Range

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans, Delivered.

Bore Da

Bright | Rounded | Sweet

Speciality Coffee Brazil

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Chocolatey | Berry Burst

Speciality Espresso Blend

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Bright | Juicy | Nutty

Speciality Coffee Peru

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Nos Da

Sweet | Mild

Speciality Decaf Coffee

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Complex | Smooth

Speciality Coffee Rwanda

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Jiw Jiw

Rich and Deep

Speciality Espresso

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Finding good coffee became a mission, then an obsession, now my dream!

Roasted, tasted, enjoyed!
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