Orders to be in by Friday 15th December to guarantee delivery before Christmas 2023. Also, Ffa Da is closed over the Christmas period therefore any orders placed after the 22nd of December will be posted after January 5th 2024

Coffi Crefftwyr Cymreig / Welsh Artisan Coffee


How are we Eco-friendly

We take our impact on the environment very seriously.

We are all about the R’s, reuse, reduce, recycle.

Every aspect of our business we aim to follow and comply with the R’s.

We love all things eco and enjoy supporting local beach cleans, we work along side ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ the environmental charity protecting our oceans, I am the ‘Plastic Free Communities’ rep for my local area the reduction of single use materials and awful plastics is at an all time must in our growing business.

The packaging for our speciality coffee retail bags are tested and certified as fully compostable. The pouch is designed in order to create an affordable, yet high quality option that is eco-friendly.

The high barrier organic food grade Kraft paper bag is fully compostable and can degrade in just 10 weeks, including the zip lock on top, which allows it to be resealable, ensuring the freshness as well as protection against humidity, oxygen and other external factors which ensure the coffee bean stays fresher for longer.

This packaging is important to us and our product. We take great care in ensuring our artisan coffee is freshly roasted and these bags ensure the freshness of the coffee bean itself is kept for as long as possible.

Compostable, Really, How?

After finishing your coffee or decanting into an airtight container cut the bags up into small pieces and place into your home composting bin. Within the ideal environment the bag will have decomposed in 10 weeks! Hwre…

Our Eco-friendly values

Enjoying a cuppa whilst doing your bit for the environment. Now that feels good,
that’s Ffa Da!


Store our coffee by reusing any clean airtight container in a cupboard, ideally keeping it away from oxygen and UV.

You can pick up your coffee from our roastery just click the link to order. Dont forget your jar.

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Reducing waste is super important to us. Next time you order a take away coffee remember your cup lets work together to reducing unnecessary waste.

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We use an Eco pack to post coffee at a reduced rate for you, why not recycle it send it back and feel the benefit of getting your coffee delivered which has no effect on the environment.

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We have an answer, Reusable containers!

If you don’t have a reusable container at home we have a tub containing 150g of our delicious coffee beans or ground coffee, ideal as a coffee gift for the coffee lovers, it will stand out in any kitchen! The refill and eco packages have minimal packaging or fancy labels (to keep costs down) therefore information regarding the coffee should be accessed through the website.

The airtight component of the tubs is a polyethelene bag which fits within the tub and is resealable, it’s also recyclable at large supermarkets, the tubs are fully recyclable too… but don’t buy this option to throw away! Refill stations will become available this year we are just looking for the right location to place them, however for now the eco postage packages might be the way forward to ensure regular fresh coffee beans. If you want more information on this please contact us.

You can buy this option in our online shop.


The dreaded single use coffee cups!

Coffee cups and lids – we hate them but we are a business and we want people to try our delicious coffee.

We have eco cups that are compostable and vegware compostable lids but we try our best to promote customers to their our cups, we will fill it with coffee at a reduced rate. As we have spent the first year giving away lots of samples of our coffee we have made sure wherever possible we use glass cups where we wash and reuse.

We have reusable cups at events where people buy the cup and get a free coffee but this isn’t always an option therefore just pick up your keys, your wallet and your cup.

Do you have a coffee pod machine, what a nighmare they are for the environment. Buy yourself a reusable pod and a bag of Ffa da ground fine and refill your delicious morning coffee! If you dont already do this start today and do your bit for the environment.

TIP… all pod machines differ and getting the right grind is essential. Email me i’ll guide you!


Eco postage packs

We have eco packs that we post, they are the size of a large letter.

Eco packs are perfect for a bag or two of coffee posted through the door so you don’t have to wait in for a package.

They are only really eco if u only purchase eco packs in that same transaction, purchasing more than 2 eco packs costs the same postage as 2 kilos of coffee. So have a think of the best option for you.

These packages can be posted through your door, no need to wait in for the postman, this method is simple, decant the coffee beans or ground coffee into an air tight container, recycle the box. They aren’t as nice looking as our packages but they serve a purpose to post coffee cheaply. The external Kraft envelope can either be recycled with your household waste.

Within these envelopes we use biodegrable bags to seal the coffee in during postage but we have to admit there are no places locally where these bags can ‘degrade’ we are working closely with our surfer against sewage rep and local council so these environments can be made accessible to the public. Once we have used all the degradable bags we will buy polyethylene bags, which can be recycled at most large super markets. Worse case scenario, the bag takes very little room in your bin or place in an envelope and return to us, and we’ll collect them and get rid of the bags correctly. We have spent a lot of time researching how to make our business eco whilst ensuring the freshness of our speciality coffee is maintained.

If you order more than 2 eco packs then they aren’t really eco! As that postage price mounts up to the same price as sending 2kg of coffee! So if you order an eco pack along with a 200g bag of coffee you need to think is it worth it. During special offers where the delivery charges may be removed if you order more than 2 eco packs they will be sent in the degradable bags ‘no frills packaging’ but in a larger box WHICH DOESNT FIT THROUGH THE LETTERBOX!

Our next step is to recycle the coffee bean sacks, Roseblade designs have taken a keen interest in our coffee bean sacks. The have a strong ethos about sustainability and preserving our planet, they create collections of items made from unloved clothes and they are looking at giving the bags a new look, so we will keep you posted and look forward to seeing what is made of them.

We are always looking for new ways to be more kind to the environment so please contact us if you have any suggestions in order to help us.
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