Small batch freshly roasted speciality coffee available here. We take great pride in our small family business and believe when you want the best you must buy direct!

Coffi Crefftwyr Cymreig / Welsh Artisan Coffee


How are we Eco-friendly

We take our impact on the environment very seriously.

We are all about the R’s, reuse, reduce, recycle.

Every aspect of our business we aim to follow and comply with the R’s.

We love all things eco and enjoy supporting local beach cleans, we work along side ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ the environmental charity protecting our oceans, I am the ‘Plastic Free Communities’ rep for my local area the reduction of single use materials and awful plastics is at an all time must in our growing business.

The packaging for our speciality coffee retail bags are tested and certified as fully compostable. The pouch is designed in order to create an affordable, yet high quality option that is eco-friendly.

The high barrier organic food grade Kraft paper bag is fully compostable and can degrade in just 10 weeks, including the zip lock on top, which allows it to be resealable, ensuring the freshness as well as protection against humidity, oxygen and other external factors which ensure the coffee bean stays fresher for longer.

This packaging is important to us and our product. We take great care in ensuring our artisan coffee is freshly roasted and these bags ensure the freshness of the coffee bean itself is kept for as long as possible.

Compostable, Really, How?

After finishing your coffee or decanting into an airtight container cut the bags up into small pieces and place into your home composting bin. Within the ideal environment the bag will have decomposed in 10 weeks! Hwre…

Our Eco-friendly values

Enjoying a cuppa whilst doing your bit for the environment. Now that feels good,
that’s Ffa Da!


Store our coffee by reusing any clean airtight container in a cupboard, ideally keeping it away from oxygen and UV.

You can pick up your coffee from our roastery just click the link to order. Dont forget your jar.

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Reducing waste is super important to us. Next time you order a take away coffee remember your cup lets work together to reducing unnecessary waste.

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We try to recycle as much as we can, Ffa Da will recycle boxes to send your online orders in. Also our coffee chaff is used locally to enhance the soil of my lovely customers.

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We have an answer, Zero Waste Coffee!

Zero waste coffee is available to buy on our website all you need to do is bring a vessel to the Ffa Da Roastery we can fill your clean vessel with some delicious freshly roasted coffee.

By re using a suitable container is reducing waste which can only impact our environment in a positive way.

Our retail coffee bags is only available to buy direct from Ffa Da, so you can order online or come along to our roastery and collect direct from us. You might be lucky and smell or see the coffee being roasted!


The dreaded single use coffee cups!

Coffee cups and lids – we hate them but we are a business and we want people to try our delicious coffee.

We have eco cups that are compostable and vegware compostable lids but we try our best to promote customers to their our cups, we will fill it with coffee at a reduced rate. As we have spent the first year giving away lots of samples of our coffee we have made sure wherever possible we use glass cups where we wash and reuse.

We have reusable cups at events where people buy the cup and get a free coffee but this isn’t always an option therefore just pick up your keys, your wallet and your cup.

Do you have a coffee pod machine, what a nighmare they are for the environment. Buy yourself a reusable pod and a bag of Ffa da ground fine and refill your delicious morning coffee! If you dont already do this start today and do your bit for the environment.

TIP… all pod machines differ and getting the right grind is essential. Email me i’ll guide you!


Please excuse I reuse…

We try to recycle as much as we can, our retail bags are only available to be purchases direct from us on our website. Due to this higher demand going through our website we will use recycled postage boxes to send out your online orders. Why throw a perfectly sized box when we can use it to send out coffee orders. If you live locally and have smaller sized boxes lying around we will gladly take them off your hands.

Our coffee chaff is also recycled and a lovely customer is using it all to churn into her soils to enrich and boost fertility. Chaff is particularly rich in nitrogen and mixes perfectly with compostables creating a perfect growing environment for tomatoes! Another benefit is it helps keep away pesky slugs and snails as they actually hate the smell of coffee!

Another amazing recycling perk of loving coffee is by throwing in the old coffee grinds in your soil. You can add it to your compost as it’s perfect at breaking down organic matter, enriches plants with essential nutrients, coffee attracts worms which are great for aerating the soil and it can enhance the sweetness of your growing vegetables.

There are many other benefits to recycling coffee from enhancing your fishing experience, brewing beer, growing mushrooms, cleaning your fireplace, nature air fresheners and many other health benefits. If you experience any of these benefits please share with us!

We are always looking for new ways to be more kind to the environment so please contact us if you have any suggestions in order to help us.
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