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About Gwyl

Gwyl is our single origin Rwandan coffee bean, acidic, fruity and light, it’s most enjoyed with the more subtle brewing methods such as a cafeitere, milk can be added but first try it served black. This one is our fave!

Roasting Process: We take great pride in our Rwandan Coffee, due to the high altitude of the raw product this creates bright, complex and a denser bean structure. To enhance the natural acidic Rwandan coffee bean we only roast this coffee in 4kilo batches, this results in a more consistent and higher quality final product.

Farm: Mutovu 22.052

Varietal: Red bourbon

Processed: Washed

Altitude: 1650 masl

Cup score: 83.5

Just 5km from Karambi Mountain station within the same sector is neighbouring site Mutovu, named after the river that flows at the foot of the site, the river also provides the washing station with its water source along with the rainwaters that come down from the mountain. Like many of the washing stations, rainwater is stored in tanks and channelled throughout the site. After use the water is treated through filtration with lime added to raise the PH content before being held in small lagoons for anaerobic breakdown and eventual evaporation.

The small station is just 2 hectares in size and not far from the neighbouring towns of Gatare and Gikangaga. The station was built in 2012 and RTC took ownership in 2018, employing 5 full time staff with an additional 70 during the season. 90% are women. 995 farmers contribute cherry to Motovu’s annual production. All have successfully passed though or are active participants in RTC’s training program. Annual production is 300 tons of cherry processed, up from 240 tons since 2018. Farms in the area range from 0.5km to 5km away and are serviced by 12 collection points. Farms have on average 3500 coffee trees.

Brewing Suggestions:

To fully appreciate the complexity of the flavours try this coffee served black without milk, delicious brewed with a filter or cafetiere. Many love it ground finer and served as a moka.

Water Temperature 93-97’c

Grind size Water amount Coffee amount Brew Time
Espresso Extra Fine 36ml 18g 20-30 extraction
Moka Fine Fill chamber Fill basket 3-5 min
Aeropress Fine 225ml 15-18g 1-2 min
Filter Medium 220ml 16-18g 3-4 min
Cafetiere Medium/Coarse 1 litre 60g 4 min

Additional Information

  • 200g Bags – Compostable bags with 200g of coffee.
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  • Refill Coffee – No packaging, but this can only be collected from Ffa Da (LL46 2SD) – remember to bring your empty vessel.

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