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Coffi Crefftwyr Cymreig / Welsh Artisan Coffee


Below we have listed some of the most common questions we’re asked about our service and products

How can I buy your coffee?

You can buy from Ffa Da online Store, look at our stockist page for more info if you don’t want to buy online. We offer our coffee as whole beans or ground for cafetiere, filter, aeropress, moka or espresso.
We provide recommendations on each of our coffees, and not all our coffees are suitable for espresso. So please read through the information carefully.

When will my coffee be roasted?

If we don’t have your coffee already roasted fresh in stock, once you’ve ordered coffee the beans will be roasted at the end of that week. All orders will be posted the next working day.

When will my coffee arrive?

If you live in the UK we use Royal Mail 2nd Class service. Unless you have selected our eco boxes or refill packs they are posted via Royal Mail 1st class.
A note about next day delivery: we are working with carriers to provide you with an excellent price for next day delivery. This will be available via the checkout soon.

Do you offer subscriptions?

Not yet but we will be very soon!

Why does my coffee bag have no valve?

We don’t use the one way valves as they do not guarantee oxygen is not entered into the bag, this will negatively impact the taste and cup quality of the coffee. So our bags are sealed and left in their own aromas. These bags are so amazing when you are finished with them you can cut it up and put in your food recycling bin, it has the ability to decompose within 10 weeks. But why do this just order an eco pack and we can post you more beans to put inside, this option in cheaper for you. This would only really be advised if you ordered the same coffee.

Beans or Ground, which should I buy?

If you have a grinder, yes buy Beans! However there are many grinders which don’t grind all the coffee to the same size. This could be a problem and effect the taste of the coffee. Burr grinders are much better at controlling the same of the coffee grind is the same, blade grinders can cause some inconsistencies. At Ffa Da we only use a burr grinder so buying it ground to your preferred brewing method you are guaranteed a consistent brew.

Why do we only offer 200g bags?

Most retail customer request their coffee ground. Ground coffee looses its freshness quicker than beans. We offer a service where our coffee is freshly roasted, if we supplied larger amounts there is a greater risk of the coffee becoming stale and affecting the taste of the coffee (only if you don’t get through your coffee quickly, if you love the taste of freshly roasted coffee that much buy a burr grinder and buy a larger bag of beans). We want our freshly roasted coffee to be enjoyed by everyone whilst fresh.

Why are the Eco and Refill packs so cheap?

The refill and eco packages have minimal packaging or fancy labels (to keep costs down) therefore information regarding the coffee should be accessed through the website.

You haven’t answered my question here, who should I contact?

If you’ve still got a question about our products or service please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team at

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