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Each of our coffees have a unique flavour, taste and mouth feel.

Ffa Da currently offer a selection of five different coffees, Hwre, Bore da, Nos da, Gwyl and Halibalw

Each of our coffees have a unique flavour, taste and mouth feel. As the business grows we will offer a larger selection but currently concentrating our efforts on quality and not quantity. We will have a special blend offered at different times of the year, so sign up to our newsletter so you’re the first the hear about it.

The Ffa da roasting process

Green coffee beans are placed in the hopper before entering the roasting drum

The beans begin by absorbing energy they become yellow and then start giving off heat

Caramalisation occurs as the beans begin to deepen in colour

A cracking noise is heard as the beans hit ‘First Crack’ and now the flavours begin

Now the beans are developing, we now need to find the sweet spot

Finally the roasted beans are dropped, cooled, bagged and enjoyed

About our coffee range


Hwre is our house espresso blend, a very well balanced cup of coffee! Hwre is what we supply to our cafes to serve espresso based coffees with, a very versatile coffee and can be enjoyed with any brewing method.

Hwre goes exceptionally well with a selection of different milks, oat milk especially. Hwre translates to Hurrah, the coffee kicks you into life.

Hwre is an African and South American espresso blend has been created with meticulous attention to detail in order to bring out the complimentary characteristics of a blend of origin and process.

Careful consideration and experimentation has gone into creating this blend to create a delicious chocolatey espresso drink with a bright fruity zing to delight the taste buds to give an invigorating boost.

Due to the seasonal nature of coffee growing across the tropics, our espresso blend will vary according to what is available.

This ensures you are provided with the most delicious cup of coffee!

Bore da

Bore da is our single origin Brazilian coffee, delicious brewed in a moka pot (stove pot) and also offers lots of flavour brewed with a cafetiere.

The name ‘Bore Da’ translates to ‘Good morning’ it’s a perfect cup to enjoyed in the morning, smooth and delicious. This coffee is well balanced and full of flavour, it tastes good served with all selections of milk, perfect for vegan coffee lovers.

Farm: Sitio Nossa Senhora

Varietal: Yellow Catuai

Processed: Natural

Altitude: 1050 – 1259 masl

Ana Maria Borges Ferreira, followed the footsteps of her father Manoel Teodoro Ferreira who had started producing coffee in small quantities in 1965. Ana Maria was fascinated about the affection that her father had for the coffee and picked up this interest in the crop too that has stayed with here today.

In 2008 Ana Maria and her husband, Luciano Borges Ferreira decided invest further into specialty coffee and bought more land with altitudes from 1050 to 1259 meters. This land was situated with a favourable microclimante and diversity to suited for producing Speciality Coffee.

Today the property produces about 80% speciality coffee and in 2015, Ana Maria Borges won first place on the Coopervass Competition scoring 87 points.

During the harvest the coffees is collected manually before being placed on the patios for between 7 – 10 days until the coffee reached below 11% moisture. The coffee is turned every 2-3 hours during the day to ensure an even drying. After this the coffee is then left to rest for 30 days in silos before then being hulled and screened again separated into two grades with the top grade being used for export.

Nos da

Nos da is our decaffeinated blend, for the coffee lovers who enjoy the taste of coffee but not the after effects caffeine can have on your body.

It’s suitable for filter and cafetiere but also perfect as an espresso or moka. Enjoy this coffee after a meal with cream, it’s yummie! Tastes good with any milk just fabulous with cream.

Blended from Nicaragua and El Salvador beans.


Plantation:  Apollo 11

Processed: Natural

Varietal: Catuai

Altitude: 1500 masl

This plantation is owned by Silvio Sanchez and his mother. The land is mountainous and remote but ideally suited to coffee growing.

El Salvador

Estate: El Cipres

Processed: Natural

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Altitude: 1950 masl

This estate located on the Northern slopes of the Picacho Volcano in the Balsamo-Quezaltepec coffee region. Owned by the Alvares Gallardo family.


Gwyl is our single origin Rwandan coffee bean, acidic, fruity and light, it’s most enjoyed with a more subtle brewing methods such as a cafeitere or filter.

Milk can be added but first try it served black. This one is our fave!

Washing station: Nyamunlinda

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Processed: Washed

Altitude: 1700 masl

Rwanda is blessed with volcanic soils, high rainfall and high altitude – ideal growing conditions for sweet and fruity coffee!

Nyamulinda was built by friends and neighbouring framers Immaculate and Francine in the fruitful region of the Western Province in Southern Rwanda. After realising the potential for coffee in their home village they decided to grow it themselves on their combined farmland.

In order to maintain the quality achieved on the farms, they decided to process the coffee themselves and built the washing station in 2016, now serving to process the small holdings of their neighbouring farmers.


Halibalw is our single origin Peruvian bean.

Halibalw is our single origin Peruvian beans. This bean is full of nutty flavours and is delicious black. A slower brewing method is best suited to this coffee but its very versatile and complements the palette well after a meal.

Farm: Mulitple producers in the Huabal region

Varietal: Mixed

Processed: Washed

Altitude: 1750-1800 masl

Huabal is a very isolated region of Peru and as such has received very little investment in terms of infrastructure and construction. Despite this, Huabal is one of the districts with the most potential for quality coffee with ideal growing conditions, a lot of pure Arabica varieties and a unique micro climate, giving a very distinct cup profile that can rival the best coffees in Latin America.

Most of the producers of this lot have between 1-3 hectares and pick, process and dry their coffee in their family homes.

Handcrafted speciality coffee enjoyed locally

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