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Bore da

Bright | Rounded | Sweet

Speciality Coffee Brazil


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About Bore Da

Bore da is our single origin Brazilian coffee, delicious brewed in a moka pot (stove pot) and also offers lots of flavour brewed with a cafetiere. Its name ‘Bore Da’ means good morning it’s a perfect cup to enjoyed in the morning, smooth and delicious. This coffee is well balanced and full of flavour, its perfect served with all selections of milk.

Farm: Sitio Nossa Senhora

Varietal: Yellow Catuai

Processed: Natural

Altitude: 1050 – 1259 masl

Ana Maria Borges Ferreira, followed the footsteps of her father Manoel Teodoro Ferreira who had started producing coffee in small quantities in 1965. Ana Maria was fascinated about the affection that her father had for the coffee and picked up this interest in the crop too that has stayed with here today.

In 2008 Ana Maria and her husband, Luciano Borges Ferreira decided invest further into specialty coffee and bought more land with altitudes from 1050 to 1259 meters. This land was situated with a favourable microclimante and diversity to suited for producing Speciality Coffee.

Today the property produces about 80% speciality coffee and in 2015, Ana Maria Borges won first place on the Coopervass Competition scoring 87 points.

During the harvest the coffees is collected manually before being placed on the patios for between 7 – 10 days until the coffee reached below 11% moisture. The coffee is turned every 2-3 hours during the day to ensure an even drying. After this the coffee is then left to rest for 30 days in silos before then being hulled and screened again separated into two grades with the top grade being used for export.

Brewing Suggestions:

The name ‘Bore Da’ translates to ‘Good morning’ it’s a perfect cup to enjoyed in the morning, smooth and delicious. This coffee is well balanced and full of flavour, it tastes good served with all selections of milk, perfect for vegan coffee lovers. It brews well though most brewing methods.

Grind size Water amount Coffee amount Brew Time
Espresso Extra Fine 36ml 18g 20-30 extraction
Moka Fine Fill chamber Fill basket 3-5 min
Aeropress Fine 225ml 15-18g 1-2 min
Filter Medium 220ml 16-18g 3-4 min
Cafetiere Medium/Coarse 1 litre 60g 4 min

Water Temperature 93-97’c

Additional Information

  • 200g Bags – Compostable bags with 200g of coffee.
  • 200g Eco packs – Buy this option if you have an empty jar at home which you can use to store the coffee.
  • 150g Reusable Tub – Purchase the tub once, and then buy 150g refills at a reduced rate to fill your tub.
  • 150g Refil Tub – Posted in a letterbox sized cardboard package.
  • 1kg Bag – Compostable bags with 1kg of coffee. 

The 150g refill packs and the 200g Eco packs will be posted in a letterbox sized cardboard package, at the cost of £1.50.