Small batch freshly roasted speciality coffee available here. We take great pride in our small family business and believe when you want the best you must buy direct!

Coffi Crefftwyr Cymreig / Welsh Artisan Coffee

Roasting log number 1041….

Roasting log

Hi I’m roasti the roaster. I live at Ffa Da Llandanwg. I roast your amazing coffee in very very small batches each totally fresh by the amazing sea. So small you probably have tasted the quality right… well that’s all down to me Roasti!

We promise to continue on our journey of providing good quality coffee, therefore the thought of a bigger roaster is out the the question! We want to remain small batch and concentrate our efforts of quality NOT quantity! As all things when businesses grow the risk of losing the quality is evident. We are not going there! The next six months are super important to Ffa Da, we are continue on our journey spending endless hours roasting and see how this works with our business, at worst we will have to increase prices to ensure that this venture is viable! But hey many are telling me that Ffa Da is the best coffee they have tasted to is it worth it? Let me know how your getting in I love feedback good or bad, I see bad a challenge and must day I’ve not received much.


We want to grow and offer more to our lovely customer. So watch this space…

right I’m back in batch 1042…


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