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Coffi Crefftwyr Cymreig / Welsh Artisan Coffee

Hwre! Eco Pack

Rich | Bold

Speciality Espresso Blend – 200g

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About Hwre!

Hwre is our house espresso blend, it’s a very well balanced blend and its what we supply to our cafes to serve espresso based coffees, it’s a very versatile coffee and can be enjoyed with any brewing method. Hwre goes exceptionally well will a selection of different milks, oat milk especially. Hwre translates to Hurrah, the coffee kicks you into life.

Our African and South American espresso blend has been created with meticulous attention to detail in order to bring out the complimentary characteristics of a blend of origin and process.

Careful consideration and experimentation has gone into creating this blend to create a delicious chocolatey espresso drink with a bright fruity zing to delight the taste buds to give an invigorating boost.

Due to the seasonal nature of coffee growing across the tropics, our espresso blend will vary according to what is available.

This ensures you are provided with the most delicious cup of coffee.

Brewing Suggestions:

Hwre delicous brewed as espresso or filter, it goes exceptionally well with a selection of different milks, oat milk especially. Hwre translates to Hurrah, the coffee kicks you into life.

Grind size Water amount Coffee amount Brew Time
Espresso Extra Fine 36ml 18g 20-30 extraction
Moka Fine Fill chamber Fill basket 3-5 min
Aeropress Fine 225ml 15-18g 1-2 min
Filter Medium 220ml 16-18g 3-4 min
Cafetiere Medium/Coarse 1 litre 60g 4 min

Water Temperature 93-97’c

We are ‘Eco Packs’

Eco packs are our no frills full of thrills packaging, which fits through your letter box, more thrills!

They contain 200g of coffee sealed in a biodegradable bag, the no frills part, but the coffee is the thrills part. Taste the same just doesn’t look like our lovely bags!

These packages can be posted through your door, no need to wait in for the postman, this method is simple, decant the coffee beans or ground coffee into an air tight container, and then recycle the envelope. They aren’t as nice looking as our packages but they serve a purpose to post coffee cheaply. The external envelope can either be recycled with your household waste or you can reuse it.

Order your eco pack today! To make sure you get the best value for money as our eco packs including the postage price, if you want to order more than 3 eco packs order the bags as the postage then works out cheaper.

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