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Coffi Crefftwyr Cymreig / Welsh Artisan Coffee


Brazil, Peru and Rwanda

Create your own coffee blend pack.


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About Adra

Create your own coffee blend

Blend your own coffee using three single origin coffees from Brazil, Peru and Rwanda.

What is a blend?

A blend is a combination of coffees varying in areas, altitudes and processes.  A blend needs to be balanced, while producing complexity of flavor.

Everyone has different tastes and preferences when it comes to coffee. So why not create your own unique ‘Adra’ coffee blend for you to enjoy.

What will I get in my ‘Adra’ pack?

You get 4 bags:

Bag 1 – (100g Brazil coffee) This is the ‘Adra’ bag which you will fill up, it has 100g of Brazil in it, this will be your base. This bag can hold 200g of coffee!

Bag 2 – (100g Peru coffee) The nutty one! These are small bags!

Bag 3 – (100g Rwanda coffee) The fruity one! This one is also a small bag!

Bag 4 – More (100g Brazil coffee) The same as your Adra bag, this allows you to taste it and add more to your final ‘Adra’ bag if you wish! And this one is a small bag too!

Tip: Use these 3 small bags to taste separately initially, then blend them together, make notes about the ones you have sampled, blended and preferred.

Here are a few examples of brewing quantities to try out


Peru Rwanda
20g Sample Blend

10g (2tsp)

5g (1tsp)

5g (1tsp)

100g Bag

50g (10 tsp)

25g (5 tsp)

25g (5 tsp)

200g Bag

100g (20 tsp) 50g (10 tsp)

50g (10 tsp)

Have fun blending your own coffee

Don’t worry it isn’t an exact science but by making notes it will help you remember the combination you liked. When you have found the right blend, fill up your ‘Adra’ bag with the ratios you have experimented with.

Whichever method you are using to brew follow the recommended brewing guidelines or look at our table for recommended brewing suggestions.

To make a cafetiere we recommend using 6g of coffee per 100ml, a teaspoon holds 5g of coffee, allow a cafetiere to brew for 4 minutes.

Tips for creating

For a more chocolaty coffee add more Brazil (Bag 1), for a nutty edge add the Peru  (Bag 2) and maybe some Rwandan (Bag 3) to add some fruity notes! Your Adra (Bag 1) will have some chocolaty notes as it contains 100g of Brazil coffee.


Only use 20g of coffee whilst sampling (taste testing) your coffee! Remember 20g is only 4 teaspoons full. 20g of coffee is plenty for a 300ml cafetière!

Tasted and Tested

Ffa Da have tasted and tested 20g of coffee, 12g = Brazil (Bag 1) (just over 2 teaspoons full) 5g = Peru  (Bag 2) (a teaspoon full), 3g = Rwanda (Bag 3) (less than a teaspoon) remember to mix your blended coffee well, DELISH!!!!

Brewing Suggestions

Water Temperature 93-97’c

Grind size Water amount Coffee amount Brew Time
Espresso Extra Fine 36ml 18g 20-30 extraction
Moka Fine Fill chamber Fill basket 3-5 min
Aeropress Fine 225ml 15-18g 1-2 min
Filter Medium 220ml 16-18g 3-4 min
Cafetiere Medium/Coarse 1 litre 60g 4 min


Blend your own coffee…

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